Structure of CIHK


Established under the Constitution and By-laws of the Confucius Institutes, the Confucius Institute of Hong Kong (CIHK) is governed by the Council, which comprises members from the Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban), the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) and the professional and cultural sectors in Hong Kong. PolyU has also invited eminent figures with outstanding achievements in the promotion of culture and language learning to act as Advisors to CIHK. Appointed by the Council, the Director of CIHK is responsible for the Institute’s overall operation and administration.

Currently the Chair of the Council of CIHK is Professor Chu Hung-lam, Chair Professor of Chinese Culture of PolyU. Proefessor Chu was appointed in April 2018. The incumbent Director of CIHK is Professor Han Xiaorong, Department of Chinese Culture, PolyU. Professor Han took up the Directorship in November 2019


Professor CHU Ching-wu

Professor NG Ching-fai

Dr Alice LAM

Dr Louis CHA

Professor TSUI Lap-chee

Professor YUAN Xingpei

Professor CHEN Kwan-yiu

Professor CHANG Hsin-kang

Dr TONG Yun-kai

Professor Lawrence J. LAU

Mr Victor LO Chung-wing



Professor CHU Hung-lam



Professor Han Xiaorong

Dr. Sze Tze Ching

Professor Esmond Mok

Dr. Raymond CHAN Wai-man

Professor C.K. Michael TSE



Professor Han Xiaorong

CIHK established two research centers, namely the Research Centre for Chinese History and Culture and the Research Centre for Chinese Language Teaching, in March 2013 to enhance its research capability. The Director of the Research Centre for Chinese History and Culture is Professor Chu Hung-lam, and the Director of the Research Centre for Chinese Language Teaching is Professor Chan Shui-duen.